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Dial 911 for Emergencies
Other Calls (201)392-2100
Email: info@northbergenpd.com
Address: 4233 Kennedy Blvd
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Personal Safety Tips

Act confident. Look and be alert about the people around you. Be aware of your surroundings. You will be safest in bright, well lit and busy areas.

If you are lost, try to convey the appearance that you know where you are and where you are going. Try to walk straight and always look ahead.

Cross the street or change direction if you think you are being followed.

Be careful when people ask you for directions. Reply from a distance rather than getting too close to a car.

Travel with a friend whenever possible to reduce the chances of being attacked. This includes going to public restrooms.

Wear clothes and shoes that give freedom of movement.

Consider carrying pepper spray for personal protection. Know how to use it and have it readily available when out in public.

Notice cars that pull up beside you or pass you more than once.

Keep one hand free when walking. You may need it to defend yourself or fend somebody off.

Carry change for bus fare or a telephone call.

Do not hesitate to get attention however you can if you are in trouble. Do not be afraid to make a scene. Shout 'fire' rather than 'help' It may draw more attention.

If you travel a regular route at night, become familiar with stores that stay open, gas stations, and other places where there will be people.

If you use a wheelchair, try to check your destinations ahead of time for accessible entrances. Also, keep your valuables beside you rather than at the back of the chair.

For an emergency, use a public phone to dial 911 (no coin is necessary).

Use machines that are inside buildings or in well-lighted areas. If you must use an ATM at night take another person with you. If you feel threatened while using the ATM, push the cancel button to cancel your transaction. Just walk away and complete your transaction later.

Try to distribute your valuables throughout your person. For example, keep your phone in your bag, your house keys in your trouser pocket and your money in your jacket.

If someone tries to take something from you, it may be better to let them take it from you rather than to get into a confrontation and risk injury.

You can use reasonable force in defense of yourself. You are allowed to protect yourself with something you are carrying anyway (for example, keys or a can of deodorant), but you may not carry a weapon.

If you decide to defend yourself, be aware that your attacker might be stronger than you, or may take what you are using to defend yourself and use it against you. It is often better just to shout loudly and run away!

Try not to be conspicuous about the valuables you are carrying. Talking on your mobile phone, carrying a laptop, or showing your friend your new gold ring all show criminals that you are worth robbing.

When out walking or jogging, you should try to avoid listening to a personal stereo through headphones. If you must listen to music, try and keep volumes at a level where you are still able to listen to your surrounding.