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Dial 911 for Emergencies
Other Calls (201)392-2100
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Address: 4233 Kennedy Blvd
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9-1-1 (Voice and TDD/TTY) Information

911 is For Life-Threatening Emergencies Only

When to use 911 versus 7-digit telephone lines:

Call 911 when there is a life or death emergency that requires the immediate response of emergency service such as police, fire or emergency medical services.

All 911 calls are received by emergency 911 operators who are trained to screen calls quickly and efficiently. When there is a situation that requires police response but is not an emergency, use one of the following non-emergency 7-digit telephone numbers found in our contacts section or dial the police dispatch center at (201) 392-2100.

How to call 911

  • Dial 911 (on a pay phone it is not necessary to deposit money).
  • Tell the 911 operator what you need; ambulance, fire truck, or the police.
  • Be calm. When a caller is upset, it is hard to understand what he or she is saying or to get vital information quickly.
  • Stay on the phone. Do not hang up!
  • Give your name and address or your location. If your address is different from the location of the crime, be sure to let the operator know.
  • If possible, give the operator suspect description, weapons, if any, and vehicle description and license.

Note: It is a misdemeanor under New Jersey Law for any person to willfully use the 911 system for any purpose other than reporting an emergency. It is a felony crime if someone is injured or dies as a result of an emergency service response to a false call.