NBPD Contact Info
Dial 911 for Emergencies
Other Calls (201)392-2100
Email: info@northbergenpd.com
Address: 4233 Kennedy Blvd
North Bergen, New Jersey 07047
Contact Directory

Please do not report criminal conduct to these units without first contacting the North Bergen Police Department dispatch station at 201-392-2100 or calling 9-1-1 first.

You are, however, encouraged to contact the appropriate unit if you have information to share concerning past, ongoing or potential criminal activity. For more non-emergency telephone numbers visit our hotlines page.

NBPD Contact Directory
Unit Function Telephone
Police Emergencies Emergency Dispatch Station 911
Police Department Main Central Dispatch Station 201-392-2100
Police Desk Police Desk 201-392-2100
Administrative Services Administration, Human Resources 201-392-2133
Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) Fingerprinting, Licensing, Discovery 201-392-2144
Drug Awareness and Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) D.A.R.E. 201-770-1080
Detective Bureau General Investigations, Crime Tips 201-392-2095
Humane Law Enforcement Officer Animal Cruelty or Abuse 201-392-2092
Juvenile Aid/School Resources Juvenile Related Issues 201-392-2150
Megan's Law Division Megan's Law Registration 201-392-2145
Municipal Court Court 201-392-2089
Municipal Jail Jail 201-392-2141
Municipal Parking Authority Parking Authority 201-869-6200
Off-Duty Police Requests Police Security, Traffic Control 201-392-2145
Office of Homeland Security Homeland Security Issues 201 392-2117
Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Emergency Management 201-330-7288
Planning and Operations General Operations, Scheduling, Budgeting 201-392-2133
Property and Evidence Property and Evidence 201-330-7264
Records Room Accident Reports, Incident Reports, Personal Injury Reports 201-392-2145
Special Investigations Unit Internal Affairs and Investigations 201 330-7261
Technical Services Technical Division 201 392-2117
Traffic Division Traffic Issues, Parking Complaints, Special Permits, Street Closings 201-392-2135
Training Bureau Police Training, Qualifications 201 392-2117
Violations Bureau Summons, Subpoenas 201-392-2088